Ticket  - God Dethroned

Ticket - God Dethroned

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Veranstaltung: God Dethroned

Datum: 12.05.2023


Mannheim 7er Club

Industriestr. 7

68169 Mannheim

Preis: 25 €

God Dethroned, Fleshcrawl und Support

God Dethroned + Fleshcrawl kommen für ein exklusives Konzert nach Mannheim.

Am 12.05.2023 ist das Package im 7er Club.

God Dethroned never say die! The immutable power of the Netherlands greatest blackened death metal band rings true on new album, Illuminati. But this isn’t something new for the Dutch horde. Since forming in the village of Beilen in 1991, God Dethroned have amassed a sizable following through the release of 10 full-length albums. From debut The Christhunt (1992) and Bloody Blasphemy (1999) to The Toxic Touch (2006) and comeback The World Ablaze (2017), Henri Sattler’s God Dethroned have indeed purveyed some of the finest evil death since Possessed hurled the ground-breaking Seven Churches upon metaldom. Luckily, for headbangers and horn-throwers the world over, Illuminati continues God Dethroned’s immutable reign after a two-year gap.